How Can I Get MetascreenTM?


Step 1: Order MetascreenTM

Inform MetascreenTM from healthcare professional or our representative as early as possible or before the expected date of delivery.

Step 2: Collect baby’s urine

Collect your baby’s urine sample when baby is at least 2 days old and has taken at least one feed 24 hours ago.

Step 3: Call to Cordlife

Call Cordlife Hotline for urine sample pick up

Step 4: Screen & Analyse

Your baby’s urine sample will be screened and analysed for more than 100+ metabolic disorders

Step 5: Receive result

A screening report will be sent to you within 14 working days upon receipt of urine sample at Cordlife office.

Step 6: Escalate to doctor

We will inform your doctor if the test result is positive for follow up care.

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